Spiel ’23

Following up an old tradition, this year we attended Essen Spiel again! It takes place in Essen ( Germany ) during October, and for visitors, it lasts 3-4 days. It’s a blast! You get to browse many board game company booths, check the new games, play yet unpublished games and buy as many as your heart ( and wallet ) desires.

This year with all that’s going on globally, the prices where a bit high but still the loot was good! Apart from the games, you get to meet beautiful people! Game designers, producers, illustrators and youtubers / instagramers, are all there! We were lucky enough to meet up with our board game “family”, from all over the world, so the Essen experience does have something you cant buy.

You get to spend time with friends! We hope that this summer we will be fortunate enough to see some of them again, as well as get to know some new friends! We will be hosting a board game event again soon! No plans for this summer? Text us! Stay tuned for more news!